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Anne B

My entire house had been wallpapered and the wallpaper had been painted over numerous times. In the living room and hallway, the seams were starting to lift up and the painted over wallpaper was starting to crack and peel. It looked horrible and it was the first thing someone saw when they entered the house. I thought to have the walls redrywalled, but for the price I could afford, only the hallway could be done. I had seen Bill Engler’s signs on places around the area, and on a whim, called him in to see what he could do for the same amount of money. The two Bill Englers (father and son) told me they could definitely fix the walls without redrywalling. Not only that, but they would fix and paint the living room, hallway AND the dining room for the price I could afford!! They did a great job, used high-quality paint, and were on time, friendly and professional. If you have any kind of problem wall issues, these are the people to call. I’m so happy with my beautifully painted walls – they look like new!

Anne BMuhlenberg PA
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